Attention! We have restricted sports betting in some countries. And the participating age will be verified by our KYC at the age of 20+. Many thanks for the cooperation on the innovation platform of ADABET.IO

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Secure betting transactions based on the Cardano blockchain blockchain technology.

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ADABET is a sports betting platform that applies Cardano blockchain technology to build betting transactions.ADBET, in conjunction with the technology and features on WEB3 and Oracle, will establish the trend of owning digital assets and conducting transparent transactions on the most secure blockchain.ADABET's mission is to develop a completely new betting platform that is distinct from traditional ones in terms of identity security, safety, transparency, and ease of property ownership in the next technological era. In addition, ADABET is an open platform, allowing investors, agents to participate in stake pools or provide content, deploy and collect rewards on the platform.

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Stage 1
Initialization of the project and the first ideas for the blockchain betting platform
Successfully raised capital on Catalyst from the Cardano Foundation
Construction and design of technology infrastructure system
ADABET . UI design- Establish project's community and information exchange channels
Design software platform ADABET and Database
Litepaper and docs
Stage 2
Create a Db-sync-Cardano blockchain node
Create APIs, White label for betting
Validate API operations using Cardano blockchain metadata
Create a cryptocurrency payment method, namely the first ADA token
Plan community activities by organizing events
Create tokenomics and an ecosystem of points, coins, and tokens for use in the ADABET system
Stage 3
Whitepaper and docs
Implement betting on ADABET . platform
Build GEM and ABE tokens for the operation of the ADABET platform
Test-net on the Cardano blockchain for betting transactions
Create content and bet forms for players on the platform
Airdrop tokens and ISPO to the community of participants
Stage 4
Token sales to individuals and organizations (seed, private sale)
Player feature development
Deployment and development of the main-testing system
Expansion to cryptocurrencies other than Cardano
Listing dcex cryptocurrency for trading
Stage 1
Development of casino game content
Develop of a peer-to-peer (P2P) feature for investors or players on participating platforms
Develop an affiliate feature
Create a reward system for users based on their ranks